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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Herein you will find a list of most popular services and products my companies currently offer.

All of these services are offered nationwide as we have the "marketing and media brains" in house and have a rich nationwide network of vetted media capture professionals.

If you are in real estate for the long run and don't plan on stopping until you've carved out a significant market for yourself - let's talk. I can help you get there faster.

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Real Estate Listing Immersive Video Edit
For agents that are capturing their own footage of listings but don't want to spend years learning professional video editing and hours editing each video - but still want their videos to look like ours. 

Includes multiple video versions tailored for MLS, Zillow and  Social Media and much more
Starting at $57
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Real Estate Video Content Megamix Mashup Reel
For agents that want to take all of their existing listing videos and other video content - and create an amazing demo reel that will showcase the depth of their experience and coverage - and unmistakeably attract more clients. 

Includes social media versions, fast loading version for website and vertical story versions.
Starting at $147
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Immersive Listing Video Tour 
For agents that want to
1. Create a frenzy of offers for their current listing
2. Make a statement in their local market that they are the most marketing savvy agent
3. Reach thousands of prospects and retarget them with low-cost ads 

Available anywhere in the country with the same incredible level of service. 

For each residential listing we create multiple pieces of video content for various social platforms + through special Zillow partnership get your video tour on Zillow in 48 hours. + training how to deploy all of your video versions correctly + much more
Starting at $947
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Multifamily Apartment/Condo Media & Marketing Package
A proven system of capturing immersive  video, rich photography and 3-D interior designed floorplans to position your development as the top no-brainer choice in your real estate market.

From pre-marketing before build completion to the launch party - every step of the way will result in leads and sales & rentals.

For property managers or building owners that want to have a fast and profitable cycle of selling out or renting out their properties to zero vacancy.
Starting at $2497
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Construction Progress Capture
Monitor your construction and development sites remotely. We deploy a drone photographer and videographer, capture your site from all angles on photo & video from far above as well as up-close - and publish it all to a portal (open or password protected) that all of your team can access.

For real estate developers that like to have a real and up-to-date status of their projects and like to be able to share that in one click with other stakeholders. 
Starting at $597 per mo.
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Evergreen Real Estate Agent Seller Leads Ad Campaign+Retargeting
If you're not satisfied with Zillow leads and want to have more control of what type of demographic you are targeting (yes, even with Facebook's targeting changes), this campaign will produce leads for you on auto-pilot for a controlled cost-per-lead. 

This is the best known way to dominate your market + recapture leads that have visited your online outlets but didn't convert the first time. 
$2997 + monthly ad management fee or ad management training
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Motivated Seller Leads Ad Campaign (For R.E. Wholesalers)
The top producing motivated seller generation system in the USA. Deployed in over 30 markets with leads as low as $10 per motivated seller lead. Raving reviews from existing clients - including top wholesalers and wholesaling coaches in the country.

$4997 + monthly ad management fee or ad management training
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Real Estate Team Video Ad Campaign
Position your whole real estate team as the #1 one-stop-shop for local sellers and buyers. We work with each team member to bring out their strengths and work with the broker to achieve the desired market positioning for your agency.

For brokers that want to unmistakably dominate their market and niche and have a lead source that will keep on providing leads for the whole team.

$3997 + monthly ad management fee or ad management training
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Real Estate Professional Coaching Program Production
For real estate professionals who have achieved significant success in their space and want to both share their unique and amazing story and wisdom with the world - and get rewarded for it by the marketplace and create a significant stream of revenue, new prospect agents for their teams and companies, and a way to leave an even bigger mark on the world

Course & coaching content & structure development, content capture (over multiple days), branding and publishing. Just bring your brain - we take care of the rest and create for you an annual six-to-seven figure revenue stream. 
$29997 for course & content development 
+4997 for marketing campaign to fill the program 
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Capital Raising & Syndication Campaign

For Real Estate Syndicators who are helping investors get stable returns and participate in the real estate market. Self-directed IRA investors and other investors - in USA and other countries where you want to solicit capital.

We build out the lead generation funnel, create ads that convert leads and work with you on a follow up mechanism that will allow you to touch all of the leads (most have questions and need to be touched on the phone)
$9997 + monthly management fee.
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Thank you for visiting. I love real estate and am in the top 5 real estate marketers nationwide. 

I am committed to creating partnerships that will together allow us to revolutionize the last undisrupted industry...

Send me a text introducing yourself and what your business needs right now to excel - my team and I and our family of companies will be happy to help you.

VR, Gene Blinkov
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